No other cultural sculptures had the noses removed time and time again by those who took that area over. It ain’t some “The nose was the easiest thing to steal” bs either.

more like, we don’t want you to know how wide that nose was…

The Egyptians were black. The reason that the current Egyptians living there look middle eastern is the same reason why we have white people in America.


Explain to me why every civilization in the world could build a steady nose on a sculpture, but the Egyptians couldn’t?

It doesn’t make any sense. If they can build the pyramids they can build a nose, i often find it sad how far the Europeans have gone to preserve their white supremacist ideologies while destroying African history.

The ethnicity and color of Egyptians is not a matter of opinion. It has been proven on the world stage, beyond a shadow of a doubt, with DNA evidence, that the Ancient Egyptian civilization and accomplishments were those of Black Africans. This was proven by renowned scientist Dr. Cheik Ante Diop, at the 1974 UNESCO Conference and 1978 Symposium on the Peopling of Ancient Egypt and the Deciphering of the Meroitic Script, with the support of eye witnesses of the day including the Greek scholar Herodotus.

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